Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pastor Zachary Tims Found Dead

***Most Recent Update 10/9/2011:

CNN News Correspondent Roland Martin has said that he has heard from multiple sources that confirm prominent Orlando pastor, Zachary Tims was found dead (from a suspected heart attack) this morning. Tims, 42, was supposedly in New York to attend a speaking engagement and reportedly died in his hotel room.  

Tim's New Destiny Christian Church was rocked by scandal in 2007 when it was discovered that he had been having a long term affair. His wife Riva Tims subsequently filed for divorce and it is believed the divorce was finalized some time in 2009

Keep reading to see Roland Martin's comments on Paston Tims' death

From Roland Martin:

"Folks, I have seen all of the FB/Twitter posts about Pastor Zachery Tims. My wife has his info & I've called work, cell to confirm any details."

"I just spoke with Bishop Donald Hilliard, by way of a PR rep of Pastor Zachery Tims, who confirmed that he passed away today in NY."

"According to Hilliard, Tims was found dead in his hotel room in NY, where he was scheduled to preach."

"Hilliard said Tims mom & ex-wife are on their way to NY right now. I'm calling NY medical examiner's office for more details."

"I have placed calls to Tims cell and work phone. He last updated his Twitter page, , 20 hours ago"

"I have called the NY Medical Examiner's Office on the death of Pastor Zachery Tims  of Orlando and am awaiting a call back."

More updates from Roland Martin:

"I have NOT confirmed he died of a heart attack. I have heard another cause as well."

Folks, I will not speculate about the cause of death of Tims. I have heard two different reports. Until I get OFFICIAL confirmation, don't ask how" 

Now this from Wesh News at 9:00p.m.

"New York City Police said well-known Florida Rev. Zachery Tims was found dead in a hotel on Friday.
Officers said Tims was found dead in a room at The W Hotel that evening.
The Medical Examiner is investigating to determine how Tims died.
Tims is well known because he and his church have been posted on billboards in the area, televised sermons, and his large two-location church -- The New Destiny Christian Center."

Sad news. Condolences to his family and 4 children.

A New York newspaper is now saying a drug overdose is a possible cause of death. Details here

Find the latest update here. 10/9/2011


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