Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Solange Knowles' Boyfriend Alan Ferguson

You didn't think Beyonce was the only one Crazy In Love, did you? Solange has been with her music video director boo, Alan Ferguson, for 3 years and the couple joined Beyonce and Jay-Z on vacation in Croatia this week. She's enjoyed her time in Croatia so much, she tweeted, "Croatia is breathtaking. Paradise!"

Check out more pics of Solange and Alan and see her proclaim her love inside. I've also got a few pics of the couple taken at earlier dates plus more info on Alan, after the break.

Alan Ferguson has directed numerous music videos for Jay-Z since 1996. He has also directed almost all the videos for Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes. He also directed John Legend’s video for “Green Light” and many more. Word on the street is that Alan has done pretty well for himself, financially.

I realize now this may be the person I suspected was Common in pics I posted earlier this week. Solange also tweeted this week saying,“In love………..3 years and some change.”

 Cute swimsuit

Taken earlier in their relationship:

Solange is taking her DJ career seriously and will be working the turntable at Lord and Taylor NYC tonight, for Fashion's Night Out. 

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