Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nick Cannon Flaunts His Bling

We already know Nick Cannon showers his wife with jewelry but it turns out that he has an affinity for the bling himself.

Keep reading to see a pic of what Nick says he dropped $250,000 on and why he has absolutely no problem with what he calls "frivolous spending."

Nick tweeted this pic recently:

He was not happy because the first picture didn't show the awesomeness of his new ice, so he posted this pic right after:

It's a Franck Muller watch and Nick reported that it cost him $250,000. In fact, this is exactly what he said:

"For those asking my watch is a Fran(c)k Mu(e)ller. It's Frankie Baby! $250 thousand. Not bragging just facts!
This is what frivolous spending looks like! Don't worry, we balance it out with tons of philanthropy. #NCREDIBLE!"
One tweeter hilariously suggested that he instead posts pics of himself doing charity work. In an attempt to calm people down, Mr Cannon then tweeted:
"Pulling up to the NCREDIBLE studios now so I can pay this damn watch off! LoL"


Affion Crockett also took a swing at Cannon on his show this week, calling him a Celebrity House Husband. 

Watch the clip:

I'm gonna need Affion to leave Nick alone. That man went to Ryan Seacrest school of hustlin'!

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