Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kelly Rowland Can Relate To Kim Kardashian, Plus Her Plans For Beyonce

Kelly Rowland and Roy Williams
Kelly Rowland knows what it's like to be faced with the idea of marrying the wrong person. She knows what it's like to plan a wedding and then call the whole thing off at the very last minute. She even knows what it's like to be on the cover of a bridal magazine even while things are falling apart all around her:

Kelly just told Britain's Daily that those events allow her to relate to Kim Kardashian and her big marriage fiasco. See what she says plus get details on her plans for Beyonce inside
Just two months before Kelly was to marry NFL player Roy Willams, he called off the wedding - the same week she was featured on the cover of Modern Bride magazine. Kelly says that if the decision were hers, she would have still married him. She said that decision could have lead to her own Kardashian style, 72 day marriage:
“I wanted that wedding. I wanted to be married.” “You can just make wrong decisions in life. That was all part of growing up. I just think it’s important to trust your gut. I did a lot of soul-searching afterwards, and I want to be married, so dating is part of that process.”
As for being on the cover of the magazine?
“I was so embarrassed. I didn’t even want to go out of the house and I really didn’t want to put my family in the position of having to answer questions about the wedding.”
That's really sad and Roy got a lot of bad press for ending things so suddenly but it's still better than going through with a wedding to save inevitable embarrassment. Don't let people waste their money buying you gifts if you're not sure. More importantly, don't waste your time or life with the wrong person. It's never worth it.

In Auntie news, Kelly says she will ABSOLUTELY be in the delivery room when Beyonce gives birth:
"My best friend had a baby and I wasn’t there to see the baby born. That kind of stuff, I get choked up even now talking about it because I wasn’t there. So now it’s important to me to share those moments with my friends and with my family. I wouldn’t miss the birth of Beyonce’s baby. I can’t. I don’t want to miss those moments. It’s life happening to people that I love and I want to be a part of it. I watched my best friend’s baby being born on Skype.”
Did you miss the $5200 baby gift, Kelly bought for the baby. See that here.

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