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The Real Reason Sheree Whitfield Isn't Getting Child Support

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I tell you, we're learning more and more everyday that reality TV is not real at all. Even with all the crying on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, I felt that there was just something missing from Sheree Whitfield's story about not getting child support from her husband - if you read my live tweets during the show, you would know exactly how I felt! 

Who would willingly wait FOUR years to request payment for their children and even be "afraid" to take him to court when the husband had money and the children were doing without necessities? Something just wasn't adding up. Besides, even with a deadbeat ex, no decent mother has her child sleeping on the floor while they drive new Porsche's and rock $10,000 bags. 

Well, shocking court documents now reveal the reason behind Sheree's hesitation and why she may in fact OWE Bob Whitfield money after all. Keep reading for all the details

MTO obtained court documents that may finally explain why Bob Whitfield has avoided paying Sheree any money:
We did some research, and uncovered some SHOCKING documents. We found a LEGAL PROCEEDING from two years ago, which shows that Sheree attempted to DEFRAUD her ex-husband out of their mansion.
Here's what happened. When Sheree and Bob got divorced, the court ordered them to SELL the house, split the proceeds. And for Bob to give Sheree $425K in additional cash. The way it was supposed to work is that Bob would pay her $25K up front, and the other $400K once they sold the house.
Well Sheree TRICKED Bob, and asked him if he could give her the $400K early, so that she could get a home for their children.
And after Bob gave her the money, Sheree filed MULTIPLE lawsuits, and refused to leave the house or pay the mortgage.
Eventually the bank foreclosed on the house, and Bob lost ALL the equity he had in the home. According to the docs, the court ADMONISHED Sheree (seriously, read the docs below!) for her behavior. And it suggested that she may OWE Bob a ton of money, for having him lose all the equity in the house. And we'd bet that if she tried to get the money for her CHILD SUPPORT from Bob, he'd COUNTER-SUE her and she'd have to pay him the money she SCAMMED from him first.

There are also reports that not only was the house foreclosed but Sheree STRIPPED the house of all its fixtures before she moved:

The kitchen before:

The kitchen AFTER:

In all, items valued at over $200,000 were removed from the house. 

So, let's break it down: Bob was supposed to pay Sheree $2200 per month in child support - so $105,600 in 4 years but the court ruled that Sheree deceived Bob out of $425,000 already and did not use the money for the specified purpose. That is the reason behind Bob's filing for contempt and the reason he was not bothered when she said she was suing for child support. He knew he already had a case against her and that even with the amount he was supposed to pay, she would still owe HIM $319,400, not counting the other $200,000 from the foreclosed house. 

If she had used the money to purchase a house for the kids as she said she would OR made the payments on the mortgage until the house sold, she would not have that contempt filing against her and she wouldn't have to fear taking Bob to court. Of course, Bob should ensure that his kids have their basic needs met but his hesitation does now make sense. She already used $425,000 (plus her RHOA salary) to outfit herself in the latest and greatest but has neither a car nor a house to show for it.

Check out the court documents to see just how the court ripped her a new one over the deception:

 Remember kids, don't believe everything you see on TV!

P.S. Want to see what Sheree's dream house AKA "Chateau Sheree" looks like today? See it HERE.

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