Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ray-J's Publicist Explains Why He Was Hospitalized

Ray-J and Sophie Monk shortly before he was hospitalized

Ray-J wound up in the hospital shortly after Sunday's Billboard Music Awards and it was believed that his confrontation with Pat Houston sent him over the edge. [Click here to read about that]

Now Ray-J's publicist offers a different explanation for Ray's health scare. See the statement inside

The publicist first issued the following statement:

Ray J's publicist first released a statement claiming: 
"Ray J has been in a Las Vegas area hospital since the early morning of Monday, May 21, and will remain there for treatment for exhaustion and jet lag..."
Now the publicist explains that they feared Ray-J's health was truly at risk:
"Ray J has been released from the hospital in Las Vegas and is back home in Los Angeles following an extensive battery of tests to make sure that he did not have a blood clot in his lungs which is potentially a deadly condition that can occur following a long haul plane flight. It is the same condition that took the life of hip-hop legend Heavy D last year. Ray J had arrived in Vegas Sunday following a 32 hour round trip from China and four hour drive to Las Vegas."
Good to hear he's OK...and that's all I'll say about that. 


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