Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deion Sanders Explains Why Tracey Edmonds Is Better Than Pilar

Deion Sander and Tracey Edmonds are no longer keeping their affair a secret - we already saw the two attend a church event last week. [Click here to see those photos] 

It was at that event that Deion spoke of his affection for Tracey for the first time. Keep reading to hearing what the former footballer has to say

When asked whether they were on a date, Deion replied:
This isn’t a date night just because cameras are in here. Every night is a date night.
He also didn't hold back when asked what attracted him to Tracey:
She’s grown, she’s intelligent, she’s sophisticated. She’s beautiful inside and out. It’s no facade. When she takes off the make up, she’s still beautiful.
When asked how they plan to handle all the drama that comes with being in the spotlight, Deion responded:
Tracey has her own [so] that avoids a lot of drama right there.
Talk about a low blow!

Deion and Tracey say they're working on a new reality show that will include all the drama and custody battles related to his divorce from Pilar. 

Deion declined to say when this relationship started (probably because it would jeopardize his divorce proceedings) and would only say, "We'll never kiss and tell."

You may recall that the rumors of their affair started in April 2012 and Tracey issued a swift denial right before they were spotted "on a date" a few weeks later. In March she also tweeted this photo while on the vacation with her kids and included the caption, "R last day enjoying the peace of Maui. We'll miss it here, but blessed that I get 2 go back & see someone I really miss :)!"

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